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During the New Jersey Regional in Trenton, the robot was very successful and advanced to the semi-finals with teams 233 and 522. The drive team did an excellent job creating a solid defensive strategy against their opponents. The pit crew kept the robot running at peak performance throughout the competition. The cheering of the RoboRaiders reverberated throughout the stadium, and the judges took note. An excellent Chairman's presentation and quick answers to judges' questions in the pits gave Team 75 their FIRST ever Engineering Inspiration Award. This is the second highest honor FIRST bestows upon a team.

At the FIRST annual Boston Regional held at Boston University, Team 75 had an unforgettable three-day experience. The RoboRaiders had an amazing time finishing 21st out of 44 teams and holding workshops designed to assist the 14+ rookie teams attending the competition. At the end of the competition Team 75 was able to take home the Autodesk Visualization Award for the 4th time in 4 years. In addition to the AVA the RoboRaiders made history by winning the Engineering Inspiration Award for the second time in a season, which no other team had done.

The RoboRaiders capped off an exciting season at the Championship in Atlanta. The competition was fierce and the pit crew did an excellent job maintaining the robot, ensuring it was ready for every match. The drivers perfectly executed a sound strategy every match. The programmers did an excellent job as they tried to adapt camera technology to the robot's shooting mechanism. On the field, the team finished 47th out of 86 teams in their division. The Inventor team received excellent feedback from the Autodesk representatives at the event and placed the RoboRaiders' Inventor entry in the top three.

During the season, Team #75 founded and supported 4 FLL Teams with three of them winning awards. The team was allowed to display the Web Excellence banner on their web site for the FIRST time.