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At the New Jersey Regional in Trenton, the students, parents, faculty and mentors worked hard together to achieve success at nearly every level. The RoboRaiders took home the top honors with a Chairman's Award win, and the winning of theAutoDesk Visualization Award for the 5th time in a row and the robot was seeded 4th at the end of the competition. The team also won two am issued awards for robot aesthetics and support and partnership both on and off the field. The team was recognized by the New Jersey Legislature for spearheading the effort to establish Technology Innovation Week (TIW). The legislation was used to recognize the benefits of the FIRST Program in New Jersey as well as the importance of education and technology (Bill# AJR 134/SJR66).

The team went on to compete at the Chesapeake Regional in Annapolis, MD., where they found success both on the field and in the program. During the competition, the team seeded third and was courted by both the FIRST and second seeded teams to join their respective alliances. Team 75 accepted the FIRSTplace team's invitation. The drivers, strategy, and pit teams worked flawlessly. The team went on to win their FIRST Regional since 2001. They were runners-up for the Underwriters Laboratories Industrial Safety Award and we were awarded pins.

Team 75 helped over 40 teams with 130+ requests, assisting other teams to prepare their robots for competition, lending tools, and giving away spare parts. Because of the team's on and off field performance, the robot was invited to be presented at Washington DC's Metro Department. Over 22 judges, 6 referees and 6 VIP's visited Team 75 pit area, including the United States Secretary of Commerce, Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez and David Lavery, Program Executive for Solar System Exploration at NASA. The team made it on the Annapolis local news on Friday night (3/17/07) CBS 13 (WJZ) as the local news ran a story on the 2007 Chesapeake Regional, with numerous video clips of Team 75.

The excitement and awards did not stop there. The judges spoke once again:

"The General Motors Industrial Design award celebrates form and function in an efficiently designed machine that effectively achieves the game challenge."

"One of the top scores, this team developed an elegant, well-constructed and robust machine that included a unique claw design, an articulating tower and a 'smokin' control system that drove a fast maneuverable machine. Design engineering, enthusiasm, sportsmanship and teamwork -- this machine did it all!"

"Congratulations Team #75, The RoboRaiders!"

Winning this award qualified the team to be eligible to be featured in a book highlighting the most elegant and robust robots of the year.

2007 FIRST Championship:

The RoboRaiders season culminated with an exciting FIRST finale at the 2007 FRC Championship event in Atlanta, GA. The pit crew did an excellent job maintaining the robot and making sure it was ready for every match against fierce competition. Once again, the Inventor Team submitted an entry that was voted in the top 5 in the world. While attending a special luncheon, Autodesk personnel spoke extremely highly of the team's submission.

The team was allowed to display the Web Excellence banner on their web site the second year in a row. One of the major accomplishments of the team is involvement in a program called WISE (Women in Science & Engineering). The program had its second unveiling at Hillsborough High School and has been requested by three additional schools. This program enables high school women to communicate with women professionals in a "one on one" environment. The goal of this program is to increase in the number of women interested in the sciences and engineering fields. The success of the program has doubled the participation of women on our FIRST robotics program for three years running.