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This year's team had 60 members with 17 young women 43 young men. A list of the team's activities during 2009 are as follows:

Trenton Regional:

  • Team 75 was requested by FIRST to help diagnose field problems with our robot.
  • At the request of NJ FIRST, The RoboRaiders were honored to escort VIP's throughout the day.
  • Brittany Capalbo, co-Captain, was crowned "Safety Star of the Day" for the distribution of the RoboRaiders gift of FIRST Aid Kits to each participating team.
  • The RoboRaiders were seeded #12 out of 61 teams! We were chosen by the Alliance Captain of Team 1228 to join with Team 816 to form a quarterfinal alliance.
  • Team 75 was awarded "Best Website"` for the appearance and wealth of information contained at our website.
  • Team 75's Robot appeared on the Channel 9 news.
  • The Saturday Star Ledger featured a front-page illustration of Team 75's drivers along with their robot.
  • The RoboRaiders hosted an information table to spread the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) program to other teams. Our WISE information table attracted over 150 visits, and taught other teams how to adopt WISE for their teams.
  • Team 75 received a Joint Resolution by Assembly members Biondi, Coyle, and Bateman, in recognition of the RoboRaiders' efforts and achievements in advancing Science and Technology in our schools, communities, and region. We are working with the government to once again recognize Technology Innovation Week, in its 3rd year since inception.
  • Two of our RoboRaiders were honored on the field along with Don Bot - a small robot built to honor mentor Don Wells for his tireless machining and mentoring contributions to the team. Don was given a tool kit as an award, but with Team 75's tradition of helping others, Don donated the tools to Team 1617 from Newark. They had few tools when Team 75 was working with them on their robot. Team 1617's 6' - 6" mentor shed a tear when Don shared his reward.
  • Team 75 had been identified as runner-up for the Underwriters Laboratory Industrial Safety Award.
  • Finally, the RoboRaiders received the "Johnson & Johnson Gracious Professionalism Award" - celebrating outstanding sportsmanship and continuous gracious professionalism in the heat of competition, both on and off the field. Here's what the judges had to say:
 "This team has been a model partner by extending their hand of friendship to the wide majority of teams in this year's NJ Regional Competition, and they have "WISE-ly" built a solid foundation to inspire young women to enter the fields of engineering, mathematics, and science. We applaud the team's effort to encourage the spirit of unity by "RAIDING" through the competition!"

This award is a reflection not on the efforts of a select group of students, but the attitude and competitive spirit that the entire team carried throughout the event.

Chesapeake Regional

  • Team 75 hosted its WISE Information Booth during the Team Showcase, which attracted visitors who we will reach out to in order to spread WISE in the Baltimore and DC area alliances.
  • Team 75 continued to dedicate support in helping other teams in need through the qualification matches.
  • Team 75 hosted a bike building activity, where volunteers from each Robotics team collaborated to build 12 bikes to be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Baltimore, Ann Arundel County.
  • Team 75 donated FIRST-Aid Kits to each team's pit, ensuring Safety FIRST!
  • Team 75 was chosen by Alliance Captain 2866 because of our strength in strategy, robot performance, and gracious professionalism with mentoring their team throughout the competition. The two alliance members then chose Team 2377, to form elimination-round Alliance #3 out of 8. This well-balanced alliance made it to the semi-finals before being eliminated. It was a great experience for all to have been chosen by a team who we mentored throughout the competition.
  • Three team members from Team 75 presented the Chairman's presentation to the judges, and as a result, our pits were consistently attended by FIRST judges.
  • Team 75 was presented with the second-most prestigious award presented at a regional: The Engineering Inspiration Award. Here's what the judges had to say:
"This team has deep roots in FIRST, and even deeper roots in their community. Working from their credo, they have developed a following... supporters from their community follow them from event to event. They have jump-started an entire region of FIRST Lego League Teams, and have spurred legislators to think of STEM FIRST as they map out the future of technology education in their state. They have built a sustainable pipeline of science and engineering activities and their entire community calls them "our robotics team." This team was a little distracted this morning - since they along with many other teams were assembling bikes they bought for the Boys and Girls Club ... but they've had time to win the Engineering Inspiration Award!"

Atlanta Worldwide Championship

  • This year, Team 75 was honored to qualify for the FIRST Championship by receiving a regional Engineering Inspiration award, recognizing the team's success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering/engineers within their school and community.
  • The Teddy Award was presented to The animation Team for the "Best Use of Materials"
  • Website Excellence Award
  • Heart Award for being a team with Heart - for assisting other teams on and off the field.