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The 2011 build season has been an exciting time for Team 75. The first week of build consisted of analyzing the game and agreeing upon the best strategy. Following this decision, the Design Department chose the best drive train and sent in their drawings to Don Wells, our Machinist. Mechanical then got the parts and worked on constructing the drive train while the Supplementary Department work on Field Construction.

Then Design worked on creating the best robot to play the game using AutoCAD Inventor- supplied by AutoCAD. Throughout Build Season, Team 75 worked very hard to construct their Robot, named Eleanor. By the 5th week, we had a competition ready robot! This allowed for a lot of practice time for our robots. This year, we are attending the New Jersey, and Virginia Regional. 75.... WOO!

Trenton Regional Competition

Our team was interviewed by Channel 12 news on March 4th. With a nice amount of 7 members present, it gave the public an idea of what FIRST Robotics is all about.
Throughout the various matches, our robot experienced several communication problems- but that didn't stop us from cheering! On the second and third days of the competition, we made incredible improvements to our robot, as our leaders and members worked at a very efficient pace during the short breaks between matches.
Team 75's time spent at the New Jersey Regional was was both fun and exciting. All of the other competing teams were friendly and helpful, and the positive attitude was one of the many things that kept us going. Our team was chosen to compete in the top eight alliances at the Regional Competition, along with Team 1228 and Team 2590. Although we didn't make it to the Final matches, we still cheered our hearts out for the teams.
Despite the fact that our team hasn't won any awards, we did manage to secure a Runner Up position for the UL Industrial Safety Award. Our team spirit remains strong as we excitedly prepare for our next competition in Virginia!

VCU Regional Competition

We have completed another phase of the 2011 season. What an amazing ride! At the competition we:
Finished 22nd in Ranking and elimination in the Quarter Finals
Winning UL Runner up in safety
Winning the Motorola Quality Award
The team had delivered an outstanding student design robot which performed flawlessly (see our videos here). The team also participated in a Bike Build, and they donated 13 Bikes to the Richmond Boys & Girls Club. Here is a quote from the director of FIRST: “[Team 75 is] a consummate FRC team. It operates 12-months of the year, promoting and advancing the true Vision and Mission of FIRST.”

St. Louis Worldwide Championship

From April 28- 31, two student representatives attended the World Championships in St. Louis Missouri! Autodesk invited us to the Championships because of our excellent design submission that was created and submitted by our Design Department early on in the season. At the Championships, the students, plus two mentors, visited various teams from all over the world in the pits. We spent a lot of time with MORT Team 11, Team 2016, and Team 1676. At the awards ceremony, we were awarded the Excellence in Design Award, sponsored by Autodesk, and received a beautiful trophy and iPad. The team had a great time at the social and the Black Eyed Peas concert that took place on the second and third days of the competition. The overall experience was intense and one the team will never forget! Congratulations to MORT Team 11, The Pascack Pioneers Team 1676, and The Mighty Monkey Wrenches Team 2016, on a job well done at the Championships! We will see you all there next year!


On May 14, we held another WISE and Girl Scout Event at Johnson & Johnson, which promoted the female exploration within the realm of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. With the help of Linda Castner, GAMTTEP Grant recipient and Up, Up, and Away airport owner, we were able to reach beyond our comfort zone of consumer products and introduce aviation to the 82 young women who attended the event. The girl scouts received their “Inventions and Inquiry” badge by taking part in this event. They took part in hands-on experiments that better explained what STEM is all about and the many areas of science that are often overlooked. Young women from MORT Team 11 and X-Treme Heat Team 223 also attended the event to witness one of the many ways to spread STEM to girls across the state and country.

Memorial Day Parade

With shocked faces and open mouths we provided a demonstration of our 2011 robot in Hillsborough Country's Memorial Day Parade. This demo, unlike any other, was done on the back of a moving trailer and awed children and parents alike. The last attraction before the fire trucks, we received an optimal position of being the "grand finale" of the parade. Countless times the parents asked whether the robot could also clean rooms and the little children stared in awe at what seemed like a monstrosity to them. Our drivers did a phenomenal job and hung the FIRST logo on the top rack numerous times, while our mentors rode in the trailer dishing out waves and comments to the onlookers. This was a great opportunity for team 75 to be a part of our community and we fully enjoyed it!