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Our 2012 build season has been extremely busy for Team 75. Beginning with strategizing, then moving into design, fabrication, wiring, and programming, the season has flown by. Including construction of a field in our warehouse by our supplementary systems department, meeting submission deadlines for animation, website, and Chairmans, and giving continuous tours of our warehouse space to various VIPs, our season has been filled with production and excitement. Eve, as our 2012 robot, looks forward to what will come as our team prepares our pits, presentations, strategy, and other aspects of our team for the competition season. See you all at Rutgers and Mt. Olive! 
75 WOO!

Rutgers University FIRST District Competition

  • On Friday we unloaded our robot, set up our pit, had our robot inspected, and worked with a few other teams to help them get through inspection.
  • Our team hosted our 4th Bike Build Event for the Boys and Girls Club, donating 12 bikes to the Trenton Boys and Girls Club. The event was a great success and brought together many teams in the spirit of Coopertition.
  • On Saturday practice matches and qualification matches were held. For the majority of these matches we were having communication issues with the field. However, this did not stop us from cheering for our fellow teams!
  • Saturday night we invited Team 1370 to our warehouse for a dinner social and helped them construct new pieces for their robot. This allowed them to compete more successfully and creating friendships between the two teams.
  • On Sunday, we returned to competition excited and ready for a new day. We continued helping and cheering for other teams. We worked with other teams to resolve our communication issues and our robot worked for all of our matches, scoring in the top hoop and climbing the bridges. Unfortunately, because of our uncontrollable communication issues between the field and our robot, we seeded 36th and were not chosen to move forward into elimination matches.
  • We won the Industrial Safety award for being the safest team through encouraging safety, being safe in our pits, and having a detailed safety manual for the team.
  • We also won the Engineering Inspiration award, the second place award in the competition. This award honors the team who not only builds a successful robot but also values the true mission of FIRST through promoting and advancing engineering opportunities in our schools and community.
  • Our team spirit remains equally strong as we prepare for the Mount Olive District Event!

Mt Olive FIRST District Competition

  • On Friday, we unloaded our robot, set up our pit, ran several practice matches, and helped other teams get through inspection.
  • The Friday practice matches proved to be very helpful for the team. Overcoming connection issues, our drive team was able to practice balancing, shooting, and using the Kinect.
  • Throughout Saturday, our team cheered loudly for our drivers and collaboration teams. Our pit crew worked diligently, prepping the robot for each match and fixing any issues that came along.
  • On Saturday, our chairmans presenters presented the teams outreach efforts. Throughout the day, judges visited our pits to learn more about our team and our efforts!
  • By the end of the day on Saturday, our team ranked 11th in the whole competition.
  • On Sunday, we returned to the competition more excited than ever! We continued to cheer and help other teams. Through alliance selections, we were bumped up to the 8th seeded alliance and were then chosen by the 5th seed alliance with Team 3637 and Team 555.
  • We were awarded Runner-Up for the UL Industrial Safety Award for being safe in our pits, encouraging safety, and having a detailed safety manual for the team.
  • We also won the Chairman's Award , the first place award at the competition. This award recognizes a team that serves as an exemplary model for other teams, it recognizes a team that is gracious, professional, and has changed the culture of its community.

MAR District Region Championships in Philadelphia

  • During the competitions, we hosted our Bike Build for the Boys and Girls Club of Trenton. Members form other teams also joined in the build.
  • Roboraider Betsy S. was one of four students to be awarded the Dean's List Award for her dedication to the team and for her community outreach, including organizing Operation: Shoe Box.
  • We were awarded Runner-Up for the UL Industrial Saftey Award for keeping our pit safe, encouraging safety through out the competitions and keeping our saftey manuel updated and detailed.
  • We also won the Chairman's Award for our community outreach, gracious professionalism and for setting an example for other teams to follow.
  • Our team will travel to St. Louis for the FIRST National Championship