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Business Department


Responsible for taking all meeting notes, organizing
recording, and archiving team documentation and primary sources, tracking and organizing Team 75’s reach and hours, writing a monthly newsletter, compiling a yearly report on team activities, and photo and video documentation.
 Name  Years on Team

Ana Caro Del Castillo (Manager)


Brenda Hernandez


Katrina Liu


Public Relations

The Public Relations Department is responsible for raising awareness about our team, along with maintaining the Roboraiders' website. By inviting politicians, newspapers, and community officials to our warehouse, we raise awareness of FIRST and Team 75. Some notable visitors to the warehouse include Hillsborough superintendent Dr. Jorden Schiff, NJ Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli, as well as the Hillsborough Beacon. Several of our newspaper contacts have written pieces about the team after their exposure to FIRST at Kickoff, which appear both electronically and physically. Another one of their responsibilities is to update the weekly blog that appears on the RoboRaiders' website. Every month the Public Relations Department also publishes a team newsletter which includes information about regular team meetings, special events, and fundraisers. Public-Relations also creates a Video Newsletter to go along with the written Newsletter, which shows through video what our team had been doing this past month. Updates from individual departments are also found in the newsletter, keeping the parent group and alumni parents aware of team progress.

 Name  Year on Team
Daniel Lee  3
Mishti Das (Business Project Manager)  2
Muskan Shah  1
Yugma Patel  1
Shivani Patel  1


Finance is crucial to the success of our team. Even with the strong financial assistance the team receives from its main sponsor, Johnson & Johnson, it is nonetheless important that the team raises funds for its various activities and initiatives. While our key sponsor may supply the team's necessities, to accomplish and reach our fullest potential, our team requires an extensive amount of fundraising. With proper management and direction, the fundraising team can take the efforts needed to raise the necessary funds. 

 Name Year on Team
Alicia Liu (Manager)2
Samuel Hoffman4
Sophie Elliot         1
Ashish Nalliganchu         1
Shirley Pang         1
Ritu Patel         1
Yugma Patel         1
Alex Robuck         2
Muskan Shah         1


Decides theme or lack of theme for Chairman’s materials.Responsible for writing and editing of Chairman’s Essay, Business Plan, Dean’s List and Woodie Flowers Submissions, and any and all other awards submissions, as well as ensuring that all are submitted by their respective deadlines. The Submissions department will work with the Chairman’s presenters as well as the Marketing department to complete their responsibilities.
 Name Year on Team
Manasi Soman (Manager) 2
Aravind Krishnan            1


The Marketing subteam is responsible for creating branding and logo standards for Team 75, creating and updating all visuals and physical marketing tools, designing robot decals/embellishments, and aiding the Chairman's presenters in the creation of any materials necessary for their presentation and their video submission. Marketing also keeps the website updated and creates animations for FIRST’s Safety animation and the annual AutomationDirect animation competition.

Name Years on Team
Nick Baldwin (Manager) 2
Leonard Shapiro 3
Ansh Trehan 1
Alyssa Benito 1
Mike Baldwin 1
Billy Strandberg 1