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Technical Department


The Design department works strictly with the design and fabrication of ideas in the making of the robot. The Design department is also given the huge responsibility of constructing a virtual copy of our robot using Autodesk software in order to observe detailed statistics about the robot on a computer capable of calculating dimensions, weight, and part compatibility in seconds. This design, along with past designs, are showcased on the inventor team website. The Design department also carries the responsibility of the creation of any new parts that will need to be constructed in a machine shop. Design and innovation are the key abilities that the team utilizes within the Autodesk program in order to create the digital robot assembly.

 Name  Year on Team

Dmitri Duma (Manager) 


Gina Dorsey

 William Chen  2
 Sreevenkata Kambhampati  3
 Alex Stadnitski  3
 Emily Trujillo  1
 Nihar Trivedi  2
 Philip Voronin  1


This department is the primary constructor of the RoboRaiders' team robot. In addition, they are responsible for the maintenance and restoration 
of robots from previous years. During the construction, the mechanical team helps to make the physical structure and functions of the robot easier to understand, providing examples from the 
current robot and those of previous years. At events and competitions, they repair our robots if it becomes necessary. Throughout the season, this team is responsible for keeping track of the inventory of parts, the creation of new ideas for parts, and educating new members about old and new parts before adding them to the robot during its construction.

 Name  Year on Team

Amanda Richardson (Manager)

 Farhan Chhipa  3
 Marissa Creelman  2
 Ian Golden  1
 Esmeralda Herrera  4
 Arush Jain  1
 Sean Kile  3
 Riti Krishna  1
 Ishan Makkar  1
 Akansh Rao  1
 Arya Rao  1
 Samir Tripathy  2
 John Walsh  4
 Danice Pe Benito  2
 Ethan Everett  1


Supplementary acquires the specifications for the field. When we have the proper materials for construction, we put the field together. We go to hardware stores to get all of the materials for the field. After completion, this team will help the mechanical department build the robot.
 Name  Year on Team
 Abby Johnston (Manager)

Sean Furbee

 Nirmal Sekher
 Landen Wynston  1 


The task of the Electrical department is just that: To design, develop, and install the electrical parts of the robot, and really, anything that involves wires. Electrical works closely with the other technical departments: occasionally they work with the design department to first design how the controls board will come together, and frequently with the controls group, to install the various motors, sensors, wires, and other components that make the robot functional. These components are wired to the control board and cRIO robot controller, which controls the robot's motors and processes data from its various sensors. The electrical department is also responsible for powering the robot's various components: this is done by a single large DC battery, not unlike a car battery.

 Name  Year on Team

Brian Sun (Manager)

 Nikhil Damale  3
 Shawn Hauss  2
 Roshan Maddipatla  1
 Gautham Nagrajan  1

Swetha Reddy

 Zachary Seery  2
 Keya Shah  1
 Pooja Shah  1
 David Valdes  1
 Justin Wirzman  2


This department is in charge of programming the robot. This includes programming this year's robot's different functions as well as its autonomous mode. They work mainly with the programming language LabView in order to fully utilize our robot's abilities for the competition. Finally, as a lesser function, this department is also in charge of all the team computers and our team's computer network.

 Name  Year on Team

Chris Keller (Manager)

 Medha Kasina  1
 Eileen Nguyen  1
 Emily Pan  1
 Aamay Puntambekar  1
 Ronit Shah  1
 Grace Zhang  1


The Strategy team is given the task of assisting the design of a robot that will be best suited for a particular strategy for the current year's game. In order to be successful, the strategy team must become experts on the rule book of the game and understand all details of the game inside and out. They then give recommendations to the design team after considering the pros and cons of each design and strategy. This team also manages the training of human players and drivers/backup drivers for this year's game, holding tryouts to determine the best candidate. Later in the season, the scouting database of the strategy team becomes vital to our success as they observe the matches, in addition to the strengths and weaknesses of other teams in order to determine which teams would be best suited to work with us in an alliance.

 Name  Year on Team

Lokraj Srinivasan (Manager)


Nipun Banerjee


Karan Desai


Parin Gupta


Nikitha Harikumar


Hari Kumar


Vishakha Agarwal


Shweta Kumar


Colton Masi

 Rijul Newalkar  3

Shreyas Pani


Shreya Rastogi


Nikhil Reddy

 Janush Shah  1
 Neel Shah  2
 Shibi Balamurugan  3
 Tarini Shankar
 Cristian Vescovi
Matthew Vescovi   1