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Science Fair

posted Mar 17, 2016, 4:02 PM by Rijul Newalkar
This year, Team 75 conducted our 5th annual Central Jersey Science Fair and once again, we had immense participation from various age groups from all around New Jersey. Starting as a district science fair, our fair has grown every year and has been a huge success! We had approximately 35 projects and 80 participants with over 150 visitors! Students came from Hillsborough, Bridgewater and Bound Brook to show off their exciting and innovative projects. We had three age groups with 3 awards presented to each group. 

Here are the awards for all of the age groups:

Grade 7/8
  • Judge's Award: Sensory Deception by Kayla Parlato
  • Best Presentation: The Power of Wind by Aravind Krishnan and Akanksh Rao
  • Most Creative: Effect of Different Materials on WIFI Signals by Varun Punnam
  • Most Scientifically In-depth and Applicable: The Algae Home by Vansh Sharma, Vineeth Vaidyula, Atharva Pandhare
Grade 5/6
  • Judge's Award: Cell Phone Microscope by Om Shah
  • Best Presentation: Solar Energy - Can we use it to Cook? by Shriya Bhargava and Divya Madur
  • Most Creative: How Does a Hygrometer Work? by Sebastian Skoczylas and Christian Bagumil
  • Most Scientifically In-depth and Applicable: The Art of Flight by Victor Kirk