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Summer Events

posted Jan 15, 2015, 2:13 PM by Public Relations Manager
We have been busy over the summer and in the lead up to Kick Off. Below are the events that we have worked on and have helped out with.

On May 17th, 2014, our team went to the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory from 9:45-12:30. At this event, our team demonstrated our robot to Girl Scouts from around the area, along with hosting an NXT robot session, where girls learned how to build robots, along with seeing a full-sized one . The girls were very excited to see our robot shoot basketballs into a crowd, along with building their own robots to accomplish task’s from the FLL challenge, Nature’s Fury.

Yesterday, Saturday June 14th, our team participated in the first annual Hoboken Engineered Robotics Event (H.E.R.E.) at the Stevens Institute of Technology Campus. We arrived bright and early in the morning and were still very energetic. Our team finished qualification matches with a record of 5-3 and made it to the finals. We received the finalists award.
The following graciously volunteered their time. Konstantin R., Ryan C., Alex P., Chris R., and Sean O. did an amazing job working in the pits. With only 11 teams at the event, every match was a turn around match, and with such scarce time between matches they successfully maintained the functions of our robot. The fact that our robot succeeded on the field is something this group of RoboRaiders should be proud of.

For the Boy Scout's Demo on June 19th, we brought the 2012 robot and demonstrated it as part of the meeting. During the meeting, the kids were rotating between stations, of which we were one. 
At the event were Adam, Sean O., Sean P., Chris R. and Mike K.

Late in June, the Roboraiders attended the Somerset County Freeholders Meeting, where we were honored by the Freeholders, along with FRC Teams 56, 303, and 2577, for our outstanding success in the previous competition season. Each team was given a chance to speak, and when the Roboraiders got our turn, we were more than happy to thank everybody for the support of our Team, including Don Bowers and Gene O'Brian, who were both in attendance on behalf of MAR. Special thanks was given to Donald Bowers, and his tenure of service to the FIRST community, and the special place in his heart of Team 75. Our team, along with the rest in attendance, left knowing not only were honored that day, but that we helped honor those who helped us get there.

On August 13th, our team was part of the 1st ever Rutgers Mini-Maker Conference, held on Rutger's campus, where over 50 teachers from around the state of New Jersey met to learn more about Makerspace and getting technology into schools. Our team was their showing off NXT robots, along with demoing our robot and providing teachers information about FIRST and how to get teams started in their area in a vending session. Later, we also sat on a panel with, presenting the mission of FIRST and how FIRST objectives align with those of the NJ Makerspace organization.

From August 12-17, our team ran a tent at the annual Rotary Fair held in Hillsborough, NJ. At this event, we demonstrated our robot, along with informing attendees about FIRST and Team 75's mission of promoting STEM in our community. With our 2011 robot hanging tubes, onlookers were mesmerized by the robots abilities, and were interested to learn the specifics of the mechanism. Kids were also eager to interact with the robot, getting tubes dropped on their heads as a little game. After 6 nights of demo work, we packed up until our next event, with plenty of new faces informed about STEM.

Over the course of two weeks (July 7th- July 18th) at Summer Enrichment, Team 75 held two, back to back camps, with approximately 50 kids attending, teaching these kids how to build NXT robots, and how to use them to address the FLL challenge, Nature's Fury. Team 75 counselors worked with individual groups to build their NXT's, along with emphasizing on them collaboration, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Each camp ended with groups facing off head-head in FLL competition format, followed by a demo of a Team 75 robot.

Team 75 participated in the Wonderful Wednesday event at the Lawrence Community Center, where a local organization called HomeFront is hosting a summer camp for about 90 underprivileged children.We started the morning off by demonstrating both our 2011 and 2012 robots, hanging tubes on a rack and shooting basketballs into the actual baskets in their gym! Following this demonstration, RoboRaiders worked alongside Johnson & Johnson employees to run several hands-on science experiments for the kids.

In August, our team demonstrated our robot to a group of kids at the local YMCA. The kids were able to both interact with our robot, and ask questions to our Roboraiders in attendance about FIRST, our Team, and what makes building robots so fun. They caught, tossed, rolled, and played the 2014 yoga ball for well over an hour before we had to shut-down the robot and move out.

The Brendan Marrocco Car Wash is a car wash held for a soldier named Brendan Morocco on September 27th. While Brendan was in Iraq he was hit with a IED that took both of arms and legs. He currently has two arm transplants. His medical bills have been stacking up. This fundraiser primarily helps with medical bills for him. Although for a long time that his recovery has been good, he did have one major set back when he broke his arm in the spring of 2012. This event was only held to help Brendan and all of the proceeds went to helping him in someway.

Brunswick Eruption was hosted at North Brunswick High School on November 8, 2014. There were 42 participating teams that played the 2014 FRC game Ariel Assist and teams played a total of 5 qualification matches. In each match teams controlled their robots to earn assist points by passing the ball from one robot to another and finishing off the cycle by scoring in the high goal. After qualifications Team 75 was 3-2 and ranked 13th. During alliance selections 75 was chosen by the 8th seeded alliance captain 4281. The Atmosphere was very friendly since this was an exhibition and didn't count towards anything. Teams were very willing to help with robot issues in the pits and had flexible strategies for the competition. Off Season Competitions can be considered the preseason because many teams try out new drivers and pit crews after the seniors graduated previously in June and roles need to be filled.This is the best time to get teammates more involved and motivated as well as getting the freshmen the opportunity to see what FIRST Robotics is all about and what the competitions are like.

On November 22rd, 2014, Team 75 hosted the 8th annual Boroblast competition at Hillsborough High School in Hillsborough, NJ. This event was a FLL qualifying competition for the State tournament held at Mount Olive High school. At Mount Olive, teams compete for the spot to move on to compete at the FIRST Championship in April at St. Louis. At this competition, teams which had been working on their LEGO NXT robots for several months competing on the course, FLL world class Learning Unleashed, for the robot championship. Teams also competed for awards such as the award for their project which as them to create a research question and find there own answer, the design award, and the overall Champion's award, FLL's highest honor. The kids had a great time competing with their robots, and enjoyed watching their LEGObots compete against other team's. After a day full of laughs, fun, and gracious professionalism, 7 teams moved on to Mount Olive to compete at the State tournament.