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Bike Build

The purpose of the Bike Build is to give back to the community through a unique event that allows teams participating at a FIRST robotics Regional to work together in the midst of a competition, consequently encouraging team bonding and community services.

In the past season, Team 75 co-hosted a bike build with Team 1370 from Delaware at the TCNJ District. Our team also hosted their own Bike Build event at the Bridgewater event. In both events, the bikes were donated to the Boys and Girls Club. 
During the 2012 season, Team 75 hosted a Bike Build at the Rutgers District Event in which they donated bikes to the Trenton Boys and Girls Club, and again at the MAR Regional Event in which they donated bikes to the Philadelphia Boys and Girls Club. Through a trivia game, members of various FRC teams compete to build bikes, which were then put through a safety test and then donated. During the 2011 Virginia FIRST FRC regional competition, Team 75 hosted a Bike Build event to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Richmond, Virginia. A similar event was hosted at the 2010 Trenton FRC Regional and the 2009 Chesapeake FRC Regional to great success. Team 75 seeks to continue the event in years to come.To participate, FRC team(s) are divided into several groups. These groups compete in a trivia challenge to earn points. These points will be used to "purchase" parts from bike kits purchased or donated by a Business or sponsor. Teams race to complete the build of the bikes before putting them through a safety course, making sure that they have everything tightened down and allowing for some fun activity of riding the newly built bikes. After the bikes have been built, each team decorates their bike with a helmet and lock.

Through the Bike Build, Team 75 has witnessed firsthand what a difference a bike can make in a child's life. Most of the children receiving these bikes are actually getting the first bike they ever had. One of the kids last year told the team, "I'm going to give this bike to my mom so she can get to work." The Bike Build event has been a truly emotional event for both the kids and families of the Boys and Girls Clubs, and the FIRST members participating.