Below are the Mentors who volunteer thousands of hours to Team 75. Their selfless dedication has been a huge factor in the Roboraiders' success and excellence, and without them, the team could not possibly exist. Team 75 thanks our excellent mentors, as well as anyone who volunteers their time to FIRST.

Todd MacDonald - Teacher Advisor

Dave Blackburn - Lead Mentor

Andrew Kraft – Chairman’s Mentor

Jen Hoffman - Chairman's and Business Mentor

Bill Hoffman – Programming Mentor

Scott Keller - Programming Mentor

Sam Hoffman - Strategy Mentor

Kevin Kalenty – Mechanical Mentor

Debbie Boyea - FLL and Business Mentor

Paul Robuck - Mechanical Mentor

Neil Julian - Safety Mentor

Dan Tuttle – Supplementary Mentor

David Lutness- J&J Liaison

Christina Lee - J&J Liaison

Parent Group and Part 75 Officers:

Jen Hoffman

Kevin Kalenty

Valerie Robuck

Jerald Wirzman