dxIn an effort to further elevate the standards and impacts of FIRST, we have engaged ourselves in a series of collaborative efforts. We have worked with other teams to expand their own programs and also to improve our own.

In 2008, we hosted a Corporate Event at Johnson and Johnson. The event gathered 17 domestic and international J&J sponsored FRC teams at J&J's corporate headquarters to assist our sponsor in making an informed decision about the benefits of continued support of FIRST teams.

One example of working with other teams is our participation with Brazilian Team 1382 since its inception in 2004. Since their conception, we have helped Team 1382 and Team 1860 regularly by mentoring them and providing workshops via Skype. For the past 2 years, we have also had barbecues, or as the Brazilians would say "churrasco" after the Trenton Regional.

For several years, we have provided man-power, advice, and resources for other teams to host their events. We have worked with Team 1403 to run the Monty Madness off-season tournament. Now, we provide several team volunteers to supplement the man-power of their event. In addition, we have also worked with other teams to host workshops at their respective events, including Team 341's Ramp Riot, Team 303's Battle Royale tournament, and Team 25's Brunswick Eruption.

Starting in 2011, Team 75 decided to partake in a collaborative effort with Team 1676 (Pascack Pioneers), and Team 223 (Extreme Heat). In the 2014 season, we began a new collaboration with Team 1676, Team 223.

Our Fix-it Crew goes through the pits to ensure every team is able to compete to the best of their ability. We host and run BoroBlast, where we not only demonstrate our robot and invite an FTC team to explain the FTC program, but also hold workshops to show the FLL teams what an FRC team does.

Through this collaborative effort, we hope to work together in both the technical and non-technical aspects of FIRST. These partnerships will provide each team the opportunity to grow their own programs, including: strategy, outreach projects, design tips, and much more! Since the start of the year, we have had a meeting every week to discuss the game, robot and mini-bot concepts, and more! Team 75 is very excited for the possibilities of this collaborative effort!