Animal Shelter

In 2020, Team 75 started multitudes of new initiatives to further assist and give back to the community. One of these initiatives encompassed helping animal shelters by donating food and pet toys. The pet toys, instead of being store-bought, were actually made by team members themselves. With the help of all Team 75 members, we were able to gather much more donations than we ever thought was possible.

By running the initiative, we aimed to help the animals who have experienced past struggles in their lives, and who have lost many important things they had access to before. For example, as I was dropping off donations, I arrived at Save Animal Shelter and saw something truly unjust. My eyes landed on a dog lying on the floor with no movement being exhibited at all. When I asked what happened, I was informed by one of the employees that the dog had lost all function of his hip area and legs in a car crash incident, as one can see in the picture.

After completing the dropping off of all the food and toys, as a team, we decided that this same initiative would be run again in the fall, with the intention of helping out the community even more and making those animals’ lives even just a bit better. By dropping off the pet food and handcrafted pet toys, we hoped to help all members of the community, which includes the animals as well, not just people.