Team 75’s General Safety Training program is a way to ensure each team member is aware of the safety expectations in the warehouse, along with procedures in the case of an emergency. For example, they must know where emergency kits such as fire extinguishers, battery acid spill kits, and first aid kits are located and how to use them. Members are required to pass a test each year in order to access the warehouse.

In addition, the Safety subteam works with other outreach events, such as BoroBlast, to educate the younger population about how to stay safe, especially during a pandemic. During competitions, Safety members talk to other teams and learn more about their programs, exchanging advice. Currently, Team 75 is collaborating with Team 1676, the Pascack Pioneers, to distribute safety kits during FIRST Mid-Atlantic competitions during the season. Each bag contains a first aid starter pack, other safety materials, and QR codes to access online content that teams can use to improve their own safety programs. The Safety subteam continues to develop various initiatives in order to spread the awareness of safety in the community.