STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The STEM Kits are boxes filled with engineering activities that involve invention-based learning. The kits encourage young kids to participate in STEM. The STEM Kits initiative helps spread student exploration in STEM and make it more active. Some events where the STEM kits program has taken place:

  • BoroBlast - a regional competition for the FIRST Lego League teams

  • ARIS STEM Summit - at Auten Road Intermediate School to show what the kits are about and what they can do

  • Children’s Library Programs - a program where children come to participate in challenges by making circuits to solve the challenge.

  • Science Fair/Rotary Fair - Demo of the STEM kits

  • J&J Take Your Child To Work Day - Demo

Participating students build on collaborative skills and tackle challenges to propose ideas and solutions. They incorporate invention-based learning which can help young children spark an interest in a future in the STEM field. A STEM kits program allows students to go through the invention process. They learn how to connect certain parts to another part to create a new product. They get to outline what they envision their product to look like and it’s function. Once the brainstorming section is completed and well thought out, they create the base for their ideas. After the base, they can put as many add-ons as they prefer.

Subsequently, they are encouraged to remix their products after seeing the outcome of their primary attempt to improve their solutions. Last but not least, they share with their family and friends as the activity sparks inspiration and motivation. Everytime, students look forward to the events and demos so they can get another challenge and another chance to make their ideas come to life. These are pictures of kids at these events making their products and presenting them. The students at the event are getting guided by RoboRaiders and are learning how to create products that can solve the challenges.