22-23 SEASON

This is Team 75's season's end update for 2022-2023.

On March 11 & 12, Team 75 competed at the Mount Olive District Event. Our robot was picked in the 8th alliance and we ended in 4th place! Our Dean's List nominee, Krish N, was chosen as a semi-finalist, and our Woodie Flowers Award nominee, our mentor Mr. MacDonald, was recognized. We were honored to also receive the Engineering Inspiration Award for the second year in a row. 

On April 1 & 2, Team 75 competed at the Montgomery District Event. Our robot was picked in the 4th alliance and we ended in 3rd place! This was a step up from the Mt. Olive event just a couple of weeks before, and we couldn't be more proud of our Drive Team, Pit Crew, and Strategy department for getting us that far! We also were honored to receive the FIRST Impact Award, the most prestigious award in all of FIRST. It was the first time we won the award in four years, and we'd like to congratulate our FIRST Impact Presenters, Business departments, and Pit Ambassadors for representing our impressive program so well!

On April 6, 7, & 8, Team 75 also competed at the District Championship for the FIRST Mid-Atlantic Region at Lehigh University. We came into the competition ranked 20 out of 60 teams, and left in 36th place, an impressive feat considering the teams we were up against. We were also given the opportunity to compete for both the Engineering Inspiration Award and the FIRST Impact Award. Though we didn't qualify for the World Championship, this season has been one of our most successful seasons, and we're proud of our team for putting everything they had into our program. 

We'd also like to thank J&J for the first aid kits which they generously provided us with. Our Safety Manager was able to hand out these kits to all teams at the Montgomery and Lehigh events, and she ended up being nominated for and winning Safety All-Star at both of the competitions! We're proud to have inspired so many teams to create their own safety programs.

Outside of the robot, our RoboRaiders have spent over 3,700 hours spreading the message of FIRST and providing STEM opportunities to over 130,000 people! We'd like to thank our supporters and sponsors this season for enabling us to accomplish this triumph and to provide leadership opportunities to our team members. 

We thank our outgoing seniors and 2023 Student Executive Leadership as they've led our team into and out of an amazingly successful season. We appreciate everyone's interest and support!