Team 75 has made a goal to increase safety awareness for our team as well as others. Robotics can be a dangerous activity. This is why we strive to create a safety mindset so that our team will think before they act. Creating a safety mindset can be difficult due to some people being resistant. With that said, we continue to improve and develop our program to meet safety needs.


PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE for short, is an important part of our safety program and includes the following:

  • Safety glasses (in designated areas, such as places with machinery)

  • Ear protection (where needed)

  • No loose articles of clothing (hoodie strings, loose/baggy clothing (especially sleeves), hanging jewelry, etc.)

  • Hair tied back (must be in a bun if very long)

  • Close toed shoes

  • No earbuds or headphones (in working areas)

  • Leather working gloves (for carrying wood/metal and handling the robot)

Safety Equipment

In order to ensure that everyone has quick access to safety equipment, Team 75 has put fire extinguishers, first aid kits, baking soda, and eyewash stations in several locations around our warehouse. We have a team member take inventory of the safety supplies each week in our Warehouse Safety Check

Robot Safety

Team 75 is aware of the dangers building a robot can bring. Due to this, procedures were developed to ensure the wellbeing of robotics members. Before enabling the robot, an operator and whoever is working on the robot communicate to make sure the area is clear and no hands are in the robot. The operator asks “Clear?” and the robot worker responds“clear” after checking in order to avoid injuries.


In order to make sure all of Team 75’s members are properly educated on procedures and rules, we have everyone complete the general safety training. Tool and machine training is required for members who wish to use them. Fire training is also provided to team members by a Fire Marshal so they understand basic fire prevention safety.

Warehouse Procedures

Team 75 works out of a warehouse which is split into 3 sections (Front, Back, Advanced machinery). In the back we require proper PPE because that is where all the technical activities are done. The Advanced machinery area is where we require additional PPE and only qualified people are allowed to work there. All safety equipment is located in designated areas such as eye wash stations, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and battery spill kits. Tool posters are stationed near their corresponding tools to remind members of tool safety. We also have a tape system where colored tape is placed on member’s safety glasses. Members who bear orange tape are allowed in the back, blue tape allows members to be in the advanced machinery area.

Event Procedures

During competitions, we bring first aid and battery spill kits, fire extinguishers, and eye wash stations to be able to address any safety issues on the pit. During competition, we enforce a buddy system, where a member must always be accompanied by another team member when leaving the stands. Additionally, upon arriving, we identify a fire meeting location and closest exit points from both the pit and the stands. If there is an emergency, our lead mentor can contact the team through Remind.

Team Involvement

All members contribute to Team 75 on multiple occasions. Each meeting a member is required to check the warehouse for any lost or damaged items, and safety talks are also administered at the beginning of the meeting. The safety subteam is in charge of enforcing safety rules, doing incident reports, updating documents, and more. We are constantly attempting to find ways to improve ourselves through education and involving other members.