2013 Version:

Warehouse Safety
2014 Version:Warehouse Safety
Spreading the Message
2012 Version:Spreading the Message
Changing Their World
2011 Version:Changing Their World
Lets be Safe
2010 Version:Let's be Safe
Lights Alive
2009 Version:Lights Alive
2008 Version:YES WE CAN
A Brighter Place
2007 Version:A Brighter Place
FIRST Revolution
2006 Version: FIRST Revolution
Conceive, Create, Collaborate
2005 Version:Conceive, Create, Collaborate
FIRST Will Blow You Away
2004 Version:FIRST Will Blow You Away
*Decision* FIRST
2003 Version:Decision FIRST
Where *do* the Robots go after the FIRST Competition?
2002 Version:Where Do the Robots Go?
A Bad Dream
2001 Version:A Bad Dream
RoboRaiders, Team 75 Present
2000 Version:Team 75 Present