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Spreading the word of FIRST - '05 to '15

“The NJ FRC Team #75 is based at Hillsborough HS and has as its main sponsor Johnson & Johnson Consumer and Personal Products. This team is one of several veteran NJ FRC teams with 13+ years of competition under their belts. A consummate FRC team it operates 12-months of the year promoting and advancing the true Vision and Mission of FIRST. This team has “written the book” on community outreach for all FRC teams to emulate. Be it Technology Innovation Week that is now always celebrated by the State of New Jersey thanks to the team's work over a number of years with the New Jersey Legislature . . . be it the Women In Science and Engineering - W.I.S.E. - effort that annually brings 100 young HS women together to learn about careers in STEM fields [Science, Technology, Engineering, Math] from professional women . . . be it the premier FIRST LEGO League Qualifying event the team holds for NJ FLL teams . . . be it the team's outeach within their district and nearby to promote FLL . . . be it their annual participation in the Somerset County 4-H Fair . . . be it their “Bike Build” at which teams at the designated region help the team build 12-15 bikes that in turn are donated to a local youth charity . . . be it the team's efforts to mentor a rookie NJ FRC team . . . be it the community drives the team supports . . . this team does all with gracious pride and professionalism not seeking recognition but because the team's CREDO encourages such beliefs, values and behaviors as helping and supporting one another. The team is very well organized into a small successful business entreprise that is a model for all teams to study and copy. Simply put, “NJ FRC Team is the very best!” . . . and their humility is so special to witness!”

-- Don Bowers

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