The Roboraiders

Team 75 RoboRaiders is Hillsborough High School's FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team from New Jersey.

Comprised of a diverse group of students and mentors, Team 75 works to take part in the annual FRC competition. Team 75 is the oldest FRC team in New Jersey, and since its inception in 1996, has won a variety of awards, including several regional championships and the prestigious Chairman's Award. During the off-season, Team 75 participates in a variety of community service efforts, including demonstrations, food drives, car washes, bake sales and more to help benefit the local community. Among our more intense programs are Technology Innovation Week (TIW), Women In Science and Engineering (WISE), and our annual FIRST Lego League Regional. Here is our Credo, a list of policies defining how Team 75 is run.

Team 75 is extremely committed to the mission of FIRST and goes to great lengths to spread awareness of science and technology within the community. Team 75 is dedicated to developing a sustainable, year-round FIRST team that brings together a diverse body of students, parents, and mentors for a fun and inspirational learning experience in engineering and teamwork. We believe we are fulfilling the mission FIRST set before us; to inspire and create the next generation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) enthusiasts, engineers, and world leaders.


This year's game is a timed challenge between two teams that are fighting for the control of switches and scales. Whoever controls their own switch and the shared scale will receive points for however long they hold them. There are also power-ups such as boost, force and levitate. Each of these vary upon the level of the power up you use which depends upon how many cubes you allocate to the power-ups. The end game involves climbing the scale and "challenging" the boss at the top.

View the full game here

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