BoroBlast is an annual state-level qualifier for the FLL hosted by Team 75, RoboRaiders. It was created in the year 2007 and typically includes around 24 teams. In this competition, FLL, Junior FLL, and FTC teams participate in a variety of different Robotics and STEM-related events that challenge them to think innovatively and come up with a solution that satisfies all aspects of the problem presented to them. BoroBlast is also an essential event to Team 75 in particular because all team members volunteer at the event, whether that be helping the FLL teams, participating as judges, helping to set up or take down props for the competition, or overall event assistance.

While FLL teams are the only ones to compete in robot competitions, FTC and FRC teams do demos at the event, and Junior FLL teams participate in an Expo. Team 75’s robot demonstration is where we show everyone firsthand how the robot works and how it acts in the field. During the event, Team 75 also sets up various outreach booths that help the students gain more knowledge about what we do in the community and provide an opportunity for them to participate in interactive STEM activities. BoroBlast is not only a state-qualifying FLL competition but is also an event that brings the various branches of FIRST Robotics together while also spreading the message of FIRST.