The initiatives and direction of our team embody the principles of our credo. The credo serves as the governing document of our team.

Spreading the Word

We believe it is our responsibility to spread the message of FIRST. We must strive to create an interest in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) by educating our peers about the benefits these fields have on the world around us. We must also continuously attempt to create and foster interests in the STEM fields, all the while ensuring the sustainability of our current and past commitments.


We are responsible to the community in which we work, live, and compete. We must be conscious of the needs of the people in our community and the communities around us, no matter how distant they may be. It is our social responsibility to support others and do our best to improve and advance our educational system from a global citizen perspective.


We are responsible to our members, mentors, and volunteers who partner with us. We must respect each other as individuals and embrace one another's opinions. Our leaders must be fair and compassionate on all decisions. Members should feel free to make suggestions, comments, or concerns without repercussion. All qualified members must have equal opportunities to lead and participate.

Elevating Standards

We as a team are responsible to do our best and must perform at the highest possible level. We must strive to do all that we can to be successful and help others to excel as well. We must act as gracious professionals at all times and embrace challenges and opportunities by aiding our competitors in a time of need. We must provide leadership in safety and security by maintaining a clean and orderly environment.


If we as a team strive to do our best in all aspects, then we will receive recognition for our actions and accomplishments. Our rivals will become friends, for it should be our nature to recognize the achievements of our competitors. Our communities will commend our efforts and students will be mentored as leaders. However, we must be humble toward our recognitions, whether they are areas of success or opportunity. Through this, the objective of FIRST will be further advanced.