Cro-Knitiative donates handmade items that are crocheted and knitted by members of Team 75. Blankets, toys, scarves, hats, and more are made to donate to cancer patients, veterans, animal shelters, homeless families, and other people who are in need of help. We also sell some items and donate the proceeds. A little kindness can help brighten someone’s day!

During the 2020 holiday season, our team crocheted hats for the homeless, were delivered to the Samaritan Homeless Interim Program. Many of our members were first-time crocheters, but with our mentor's and relatives' help, we were able to crochet more than 50 hats.  

In February 2023, our Cro-Knitiative event sold handmade heart keychains and plushies, raising $545 for the American Heart Association.

For the 2023 Easter, Cro-Knitiative worked with RoboSmiels to crochet 28 bunnies and 11 eggs to donate to Grace Healthcare Services.  

In April 2023, Cro-Knitiative worked with Pride in STEM to crochet amigurumi in different colors of pride flags. We raised $366 and donated to the Trevor Project.

For the 2023 holiday season, we crocheted and sold Holiday-themed items such as wreaths and snowmen. We raised $111 and donated to NIH National Cancer Institute.

In February 2024, we held our second Heart for a Heart fundraiser for Valentine's Day. We donated $234 to American Heart Association.