The 2022-2023 RoboRaiders FRC team consists of over 150 students
working in departments on either our Business or Technical divisions.

Business Departments

Documentation is responsible for organizing, recording, and archiving team documentation and primary sources, tracking and organizing Team 75’s reach and hours, compiling a yearly report on team activities, and photo and video documentation. They also handle the Executive Summary and FIRST Impact Essay submissions.

Finance is crucial to the success of our team. Even with the strong financial assistance the team receives from its main sponsor, Johnson & Johnson, it is nonetheless important that the team raises funds for its various activities and initiatives. 

Public Relations
PR is responsible for representing our team, FIRST, and STEAM through social media, graphic design, videos, and marketing campaigns. From team merch to infographics, PR is the creative hub of the team. They also produce our safety animation, various initiative logos, and FIRST Impact Video!

Technical Departments

Carpentry is responsible for building and assembling a replica of all field elements in our warehouse.  This critical work ensures that our team can practice in game-like conditions prior to a competition. 

Design creates a detailed, virtual model of our robot and any custom parts needed using Autodesk software. This virtual model must be precise and gives our team the ability to calculate dimensions and part capability in a matter of seconds. 

Electrical designs, develops, and installs all electrical components of the robot.  Working closely with other Technical departments, Electrical makes sure that the control board and various motors, sensors, wires, and the battery are working properly to allow the robot to function.

Mechanical is the primary constructor of the team robot as well as the general maintenance and repair of all robots from current and past seasons.  They maintain a large tool shop, keep inventory of all parts, create/build new parts as needed, and educate all team members about how the robot works.

This team is responsible for programming the different functions of the robot as well as its fully autonomous mode.  They work mainly with Java order to fully utilize our robot's abilities for the competition. Finally, as a lesser function, this department is also in charge of all the team computers and our team's computer network.

Safety is in charge of keeping the team safe at all times in the warehouse and at any events or competitions. They create and maintain safety guidelines, test all members, and enforce regulations throughout the season.

Strategy team members are experts on the rulebook of the game and understand all scoring details inside and out.  Using this knowledge they come up with initial strategies for the game, which then informs robot design process. They also manage training of human players, select Drive team members, and perform scouting at all competitions.