My name is Shilvi and I am the current President of Team 75. I am a senior and have been on the team for four years. I am responsible for working with the rest of the Executive Leadership to manage and represent our team. Throughout my time on Team 75, I have worked in the Mechanical Department, and Documentation Department, as the lead for our IBM initiative, and as the Outreach VP. I'm very passionate about spreading STEM opportunities and love watching the impact that Team 75 has on the community! My favorite part about Team 75 is the positive atmosphere and the friendships I've made.

Vice President, Technical

My name is Nishaant and I am the Technical Vice President. I have been on the team for 4 years, and I am a Senior. I was a member of the programming department for my first 3 years on the team. I was also a part of the pit crew and drive team during last year's competition season. Something that I am passionate about is using technology to help my community, and introducing more people to STEM. My favorite thing about Team 75 is that it has taught me important interpersonal skills as well as introduced me to some of my closest friends. 

Vice President, Business

My name is Mira and I am the current Business Vice President of Team 75. I'm a senior and have been on the team for all four years of highschool. I was a member of the Public Relations department for my first two years before I was elected PR manager last year, and I used that to work up to the position I am now in. I'm very passionate about art and design, which is why I was drawn to PR as a new member, and I love using my skills to help organize and professionalize the team. My favorite things about Team 75 are the skills I've gained and new relationships I've made within the team.

Vice President, Outreach

My name is Emily, and I am the current Outreach Vice President of Team 75. I am a senior and this is my fourth year on the team. Previously, I was the safety manager for 2 years, Head Referee for BoroBlast, and RoboCreators initiative lead. I also represented Team 75 to VIPs and executives as a FIRST Impact presenter. I am dedicated to introducing empathy to whatever environment I am placed in through creating a safe and open environment for my teammates. Finding innovative ways to establish a collaborative and accepting environment through outreach and technology is a new concept I am exploring and aim to establish in my future settings. I love how our team embraces and celebrates identities that are otherwise disregarded through our Pride in STEM initiative and many events targeted towards the next generation.